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    NewOrleans.com recently said
    "Jermaine Quiz Entourage is truly a New Orleans original for the next generation of funky music fans! Combining hip-hop mashups with James Martin on saxophone had the crowd jumping and screaming for more."

    and calls Quiz
    "another tribute to the pool of musical geniuses cultured in our funky li’l "city!

    James Brown, Biggie, Outkast, the meters, Sly and the Family stone, lil Wayne, Curtis Mayfield, Drake, Pharcyde n more....
    "smoking hot, so listen up!”- (NewOrleans.com)

    "This is What I wish Radio Sounded like”-
    Alex McConduit (XXL Magazine Freshman Tour Producer)

    Offbeat Magazine June 2009

    Jermaine Quiz “Live in New Orleans”

    While New Orleans is known for being the home of dirty, in your face live shows of the most eclectic variety, it’s always a real treat to discover something on the other end of the of the sonic landscape. Jermaine Quiz, locally known as one half of Hip hop funk duo Jealous Monk has slipped a new mixtape over the viral world titled “ Live in New Orleans” and it’s a killer.

    Showing off his skill as a dance mixologist over his mc prowess, Quiz cranks the beats out one after another. Mixing everything from the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” to Lil’ Wayne’s “Go Dj” and then further still to The funky meters and 2Pac, he’s very adept at taking the Dirty South and pushing it in directions few have dared try. While there are a minimal amount of questionable transitions with beat matching, the idea as a whole is exceptionally strong and concise.

    Where most behind the decks will try their hardest to turn every song into a floor anthem, Quiz bides his time and builds his songs into fever pitches like a veteran. In the world of dance music, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

    His rendition of War’s “Why can’t we be friends” with Big Tymer’s “Still Fly” is the highlight of the mix; hopefully making it’s way into some of the bigger hands throughout the dance music community. If this is any indication that club style or mashup djing is on a rise in New Orleans, I think it’s a safe bet to say that Jermaine Quiz is ahead of the game by feet, not steps.
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These not-for-profit works (mashups, bootlegs, bastard-pop tracks etc) were created as non-substitutable, non-commercial derivatives of recognised recorded works. They do not compete with the market for the original material, nor do they undermine, defame or otherwise harm the original artists. Contrarily they promote each artist's commercial work by further validating their iconic status in popular culture.


released November 9, 2010



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Jermaine Quiz New Orleans

The Jermaine Quiz Entourage-

Live looping and the Mixing of Classic Funk Music blended with Progressive hip-hop a capellas with the added elements of live instruments provide an atmosphere of unparalleled hipness that can’t be matched. ... more

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